About The Artist

Andrea Beiko is an emerging fibre artist who uses traditional embroidery materials to create non-traditional pieces. Many people think of older generations when they hear the words cross-stitch or embroidery, but Andrea is a young adult exploring the timeless medium and putting a modern twist on it with a variety of new materials. She is a working artist who takes custom orders for family portraits and house portraits, while also creating her own plant portrait creations in her personal time. Being a self-professed “plant woman” for a few years now has had a significant impact on her art, as they fascinate her in their growth, needs and limits.

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Just as plants need oxygen, light and care, so does the brain. Unfortunately, sometimes even when all of those requirements are met, a plant can still begin to recede and parts of it can end up changing or dying off. This is not unlike memories, daily tasks and functions that we take for granted, which can be drastically altered in those who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other devastating diseases.

This brain represents creativity, growth, optimism and nostalgia.






Display Case

Case measures 24” X 24” X 63” and will come with keys to unlock the case and the original plaque that was present for the duration of the outdoor exhibit. Please note that some cases will have scuffs and scratches on them from being out for the duration of the exhibit.