About The Artist

Neil Dankoff is a fine art photographer that owns and operates Kandy Gallery (Toronto, Montreal, Memphis). Neil's galleries display his limited edition photographs from around the world. He recently completed a commission for Hotel X Toronto, which included 800 original photographs on display throughout the rooms, corridors and lobby of the hotel. Each final photograph of Neil’s consists of multiple images taken in varying exposures and focal points in an effort to take the viewer to a specific time and place.

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Monsters Inc.

This limited edition photograph was taken in Tokyo in 2019. It features a series of colourful doors, which Dankoff thought would be perfect for this project. According to him, the brain can be seen as a series of doors – some are more easily opened than others. Terrible diseases such as Alzheimer’s look to close these doors permanently. Dankoff likes that the doors are painted in bright, hopeful colours, which reflect the incredible effort being made to combat brain disease.






Display Case

Case measures 24” X 24” X 63” and will come with keys to unlock the case and the original plaque that was present for the duration of the outdoor exhibit. Please note that some cases will have scuffs and scratches on them from being out for the duration of the exhibit.